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How Did Charles Simic Dead? | Pulitzer-Winning Poet Died



Charles Simic Dead

Charles Simic Dead: Hey guys today I am going to share a heart broken news about  US poet, Pulitzer-Winning Charles Simic Death, We are heartly to announce the passing of Charles Simic on Monday, 9 Jan 2023 at 84 years of age.

Many social media users are saddened by his passing and quickly spread the news. The world has lost a great poet, and his loved ones will always be sad. Many of relatives, famous personality, and followers scattered condolence on social media.

Charles Simic Dead | Pulitzer-Winning Poet

An executive editor at Alfred A. Knopf announced his death, stating that he died on January 9, 2023. Dan Halpern did not share any further information about his death.

Charles Simic Dead

but he stated that complications from dementia were the cause. There are many people who mourn his passing and share their grief with his loved ones.

The death of Charles Simic, was confirmed Monday by executive editor Dan Halpern at Alfred A. Knopf. He did not immediately provide additional details.


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This is a shocking development for his family and close friends. We will update this article if we have any additional information about the cause of his passing.

Who Was Charles Simic?

Born in Belgrade, Kingdom of Yugoslavia, on 9 May 1938, he was an American poet of Serbian descent and co-poetry editor of The Paris Review. His poetry explored both the everyday aspects of daily life and the horrors that come with war.


His poignant insights amazed readers. He has published 60 books in the United States as well as abroad over a lifetime that spanned more than six decades.

Simic was born in Belgrade (Serbia). His family moved to Paris when he was a young boy with his mother. The Simic family later immigrated to the United States. They settled in Chicago.

He attended the same high school that Ernest Hemingway was at as a child. He earned a bachelor’s from New York University after he graduated. In 1971, he became an American citizen.


Book Collection

  •  Somewhere among us a stone is taking notes.
  •  Dismantling the Silence

He was a translator and an editor of books before he became a poet. He was also a contributing editor to The New York Review of Books. He wrote over 100 essays there.

Robert Frost was one his influences. He was a skilled writer of urbane poetry but he also had a fascination with cultural figures and old records. He often included sex in his poetry.

He is best known for his poetry, but he also wrote many books of prose. His most well-known works are Dime-Store Alchemy (1992), and The Lunatic (2015).

Simic is also the former poet-laureate of the United States. In 2000, Simic was elected Chancellor of Academy of American Poets.

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