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How Did Black Warrior Died? | Mexican Professional Wrestler Die



Black Warrior Died

Black Warrior Died, a Mexican Professional wrestler and former AAA and CMLL luchador  recently He died at 54 years old on Tuesday 10 January 2022. After battling the fatal illness, the legendary wrestler died at his home.

According to the sources or exclusive reports, the cause of his death is still unknown. His family has not made any statements. However, they did confirm the news via social media many of followers also know about him.

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How Did Black Warrior Died?

Jesús Toral López, better known in the world of costalazos as Black Warrior, died  on Tuesday 10 January 2022, at the age of 54 on TuesdayAccording to reports, Black Warrior died untimely.

Black Warrior Died

He was a lagoon man who was currently employed as a trainer in Arena Mama-luchas. However, the cause of death has not been revealed


His admirers and close friends are paying tribute through social media, particularly Twitter, where an immense flood occurred in a way that no one could have imagined.

Many of his admirers are experiencing the shock of losing their gem in such a shocking manner. We will let you know when we have more information about his cremation.

Who Was Mexican Black Warrior?  AAA & CMLL luchador

Black Warrior was a Mexican professional wrestling champion. In 1995, he began his career in the Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre. Black Warrior was his most well-known ring name. He became a fan favorite. He won three scalps during his 38-year career.

He sold eggs on the streets as a child. He dropped out of high school. He wanted to be a wrestler and borrowed money to purchase an outfit.

He worked as a mechanic for Los Metalicos in his early years. Although the team was successful on the EMLL circuit they were forbidden from using their real names. Later, it was revealed that La Parka & L.A. Park were the same person.


He has worked for AAA and CMLL. He returned to CMLL in 2011. He was not the cover star. He is still well-respected for his talents, so this was a huge oversight.

He continued to be a strong performer throughout the year. He was a main event performer during his time at AAA. He was also credited with bringing in strong numbers to regular shows during his time at AAA.

He was also awarded the CMLL Light Heavyweight Title as well as the WWA World Welterweight Title. He traded his titles with El Hijo del Santo.

Later, he returned to AAA. He was however masked. He was able to use the mask thanks to the Mexican Boxing and Wrestling Commission.


Chris Hero (Is Back) posted,


RIP Black Warrior Warrior’s tope was THE most dynamic & impressive I’ve seen to this day- it makes sense that he was often called El Rey del Tope. I had the privilege to wrestle on shows that featured his feud w/ Mistico & they were ELECTRIC.

RobViper tweeted,

Just incredibly sad news overnight as many outlets reporting Black Warrior (54) passed away. This coming not even a year removed from his son’s tragic death after an in-ring accident left him paralyzed. #QEPD

Jack Evans tweeted,

I just heard about Black Warrior passing and I am extremely saddened. R.I.P. Black Warrior.


Full Moon Features tweeted,

The great luchador wrestler #BlackWarrior has passed away. May he RIP

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