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Fred White Death: Earth, Wind, & Fire Drummer Died



Fred White Death

Fred White Death: Hey guys today We are sorry to announce the passing of Fred White. Fred White, a legendary drummer, was a member of Earth, Wind & Fire’s heyday. He was half-brother to Maurice, lead singer, and Verdine, bassist.  It is now known that the beloved drummer, Fred, has died on Sunday, January 1, 2022 at the age of 67. Fred’s brother, Fred’s band posted the news on social media. Since then, tributes have been pouring in for Fred. Everyone is shocked to hear about death of Fred, his friends and well-wishers. After the announcement, condolence messages and tribute posts flooded the internet.

 Fred White Death And Tributes 

Verdine White, Fred White’s brother, and bandmate, posted on Instagram Sunday, January 1, 2022, that his family was saddened at the loss of their brother, an incredible and talented family member. Verdine didn’t share details about his death except for sharing this devastating news. This leaves us wondering how Fred White died and what his fate was. His death has shook a lot of people. It is hard to believe that the drummer’s beloved friend has died.

Who was Fred White?

Fred White was born in Chicago in 1955 to a musical family. Verdine White and Maurice White, Fred’s brothers, have been supportive and always supported him. Fred White, a legendary drummer, was a member of Earth, Wind & Fire’s heyday. He was half-brother to Maurice, lead singer, and Verdine, bassist. White was a member of the band for a few years and had many hits, including “Shining Star”, September” and “Let’s Groove”.

Fred White began playing drums when he was just a child. As a teenager, he joined Earth, Wind & Fire in 1974. The band was soon a top ten hit on the Billboard charts. Their elaborate live shows were another reason they were so well-known. White was also a drummer and songwriter. He would often collaborate with legends like Diana Ross. His collaborations with Earth, Wind & Fire included “Dancing with Angels,” which was awarded a double Grammy in 1980.


Fred White left the band in mid-1980s and returned to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2000. He was a member of the band’s peak and helped them to achieve a string platinum albums. He died on Monday, unfortunately. It is not known how. Pitchfork reported that there was no cause of death. The band has not released any additional details. The band did however remember him on its Instagram account.

Fred White’s hit songs included “Let’s Groove”, and “Sing a Song“. These were his two most loved tracks. Fred White and Maurice White are now in heaven. White was one of Earth, Wind & Fire’s earliest members and had a successful career that helped the group score a few top ten hits.

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