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Frank Clarke Dead: TV Series “Simply Painting” Host & Artist



Frank Clarke dead

Frank Clarke Dead: Hey guys today I am going to share a shocking news about best known for his television series “Simply Painting” character Frank Clarke has died  on 28th December 2022. is rapidly spreading on the internet. He is also well-known as the most beloved television personality and artist, which is why he is getting more attention via social media. His sudden death at the age 84 raised many questions. His youtube channel is very popular with their fans. Many people have tributed him and expressed their grief for the loss. According to his death notice, Mr Clarke, from Rathfarnham, Dublin, died peacefully at St Vincent’s Private Hospital on Tuesday.

How Did Frank Clarke Dead?

Frank Clarke, a television host and painter from Ireland, died on Tuesday, April 18 at the age 84. He was ill for some time. Many people were shocked by his sudden death. His family reported that he had been suffering from long-term illness. Protracted illness was the reason for his death. He was 84 years of age and his health is not good enough. The artist died naturally. 

His sudden death shocked his loved ones, friends, and family. Everyone who knew Frank will miss him deeply. His family and friends were shocked to hear his death and are still grieving his absence. We don’t have much information on his death.

Who Was Frank Clarke?

The artist Frank Clarke TV series Simply Painting was his most popular show and he was loved by his friends and family. He was best known for his television series, which ran on RTÉ in the 1990s for eight years. It was shown on more than 250 television stations worldwide.


Frank Clarke dead

He was Irishman Frank Clarke, and was born in Dublin. He decided to pursue his hobby of painting after he retired from real state development and garment design. When we think about his art career, we can see that he joined a painting group and quit after six weeks. He felt inferior and intimidated. Later, he realized that he didn’t have the gift. He began to read every art book that he could find. His first book was published in Ireland within the first year. He also sold more books in instruction than any other book.

Frank Clarke began painting after he retired from his career in garment designing. It started as a hobby, but soon became a career. His show, Simply Painting, was broadcast in Australia, Ireland, and the United States in the 1990s. The series aired for eight years, and was viewed by more than 250 television stations around the world. Frank Clarke was an extremely prolific painter. He was also an illustrator and had authored many books.

Frank’s first book, entitled Have Some More Fun, was the best-selling art book in Ireland in its first year. It was published in English by the BBC. He signed a publishing agreement with the publisher in the 1970s for three books. One of these was “The View from Serendip”, a piece of fiction that featured a story about the aliens of “The City and the Stars”.

He also wrote “A Fall of Moondust”, a classic of the genre. It was published in 1961. Clarke also published A Space Odyssey’s “special edition”, in which he gave his own introduction to it. Clarke was a friend of Robert A. Heinlein over many years. The author was then able to travel to Sri Lanka in 1975. The author was able to fly into Sri Lanka in a helicopter provided by the Sri Lankan Air Force during his trip.

Tributes  Frank Clarke

Sarah King 


“Ah may he rest in peace, lots of childhood memories trying to recreate his brilliant paintings”

Michael MC Quaid  

“Had the great pleasure of meeting him in a hotel lobby in Beijing. He could not get Euros changed to Yuan. Was a privilege to be able to accommodate him. A lovely man and I always loved his style. May he Rest in Peace. My sincere Condolences to all his family”

Stephen O’Connell

“Ah, that’s so sad to hear. I loved his YouTube channel showing his recent work”


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