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Meet Finn Wolfhard Girlfriend Elsie Richter



Finn Wolfhard Girlfriend

Finn Wolfhard Girlfriend: Finn Wolfhard (19 years old) made headlines in June 2021 with his revelation of his relationship to Elsie Richter (20 years). He shared a candid, but comfortable, social media photo showing them smiling, which was grainy and close-up. Read on to know more about Finn Wolfhard Girlfriend.

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Finn Wolfhard Girlfriend Elsie Richter

Finn Wolfhard Girlfriend

They were first spotted together in March 2021. This prompted dating speculations. The two seemed to be enjoying each other’s company up until recently when Elsie disappeared from Stranger Things’ Season 4 premiere. The couple have not been together since Finn’s solo red carpet walk.

Although it is not clear if they are still together, Finn’s screen love Millie Bobby Brown introduced him to Jake Bongiovi, her real-life partner, who she has been seeing since June 2021. The actress who plays Eleven in the scifi series took a hilarious Instagram photo with Jake and Finn. The caption to the photo was “When two worlds combine.”

Elsie has appeared in several films as an actress. The beauty was a part of the television series Doll & Em (2013 to 2015) and the short television movie Di Bibl (2015 to 2016). Other than those two projects, nothing else is mentioned publicly.


Finn claimed that he was forced to confirm his connection with Elsie

The actor spoke out to the Washington Post about how, despite his admirers being wonderful, some people want too much information about him. He says that strangers have threatened to reveal his personal information on an ongoing basis. One individual threatened to publish Elsie’s address online if Elsie didn’t acknowledge their relationship. This prompted him to share the photo from the couple’s social media accounts.

They said, “Oh, alright. I’m so sorry.” He said that he adored her. It all disappears as soon as I say “Hey, calm down.” It’s fine. It’s fine. It’s almost like I’m in a trance. It could be a power issue.

Elsie has an Instagram profile

Although she isn’t verified, she has 162,000 followers on @elsiepearls. She often posts images of herself as well as other moments in her life. She doesn’t seem to post photos of Finn. The photo above shows her standing next to a pool table. It was captioned with the emoji “Slot machine”

Elsie is believed to be from an acting family

According to The Sun Elsie’s mother was Dolly Wells (an English actress) and her father Mischa Richter (a Mischa Richter). Ezra Richter is her younger brother.

Elsie seems to have close friends

She often posts photos of male and female friends. Sometimes, she even gives shout-outs to them in unplanned postings. Although it’s not clear if any of these people are her family, she seems to be enjoying time with them in various places.


She seems to have many wonderful and memorable people in her life, whether she’s reading together in an apartment or going to a truck show.