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Fabian O’Neill Cause Of Death | Uruguayan Footballer



fabian o’neill cause of death

 Fabian O’Neill Cause Of Death: Hello Guys today I am griefly to share with you a shocking news about a famous footballer Fabian O’Neill, According to official reports, Uruguayan football Player Fabian O’Neill has died on on Sunday, December 25, 2022 at 49 years old. O’Neill, a former Uruguayan midfielder recently died, He was praised by Uruguay’s star as one of his most talented players and received many tributes.

All his relatives and friends are in deep grief and sadness at his sudden death. Uruguay’s soccer federation shared the sad news that he was a great footballer whose loss will be felt forever. After the sad news was announced, condolence messages and tributary posts flooded the internet. Get full details here.

Who Was Fabian O’Neill?

ESPN reported that the Uruguayan football midfielder was admitted at the hospital on Saturday. According to reports, at last Fabian O’Neill:  died at the age 49, on December 25, 2022. O’Neill was born in Paso de los Toros, 1973. He played for Montevideo’s Nacional until 1992, when he made his debut. O’Neill then moved to Cagliari in 1995. Between 1996 and 2000, he remained there. After playing for Juventus and Perugia, he returned to Cagliari before returning to Nacional where he retired from in 2003.

fabian o’neill cause of death

O’Neill started his career with his boyhood club Nacional and then he moved to Cagliari in Italy. During his time with the Italian side, he was considered one of the most talented footballers in the world. In fact, Zinedine Zidane said that he was the best player he had ever seen. After playing for Cagliari, O’Neill moved to Juventus in 2000. He won the Serie A title with the Turin club. However, after a year of success, he decided to leave the team and join Perugia.

O’Neill was nicknamed the “Magician” because he claimed he had US$ 15,000,000 in the bank once, but he squandered it. He once complained that he is poor today and that he doesn’t get to greet the people whose help he gave. Zinedine Zidane, a former French star and Juventus teammate, once hailed O’Neill the “most talented player” ever. “Uruguayan soccer is in mourning.” The El Pais wrote that Fabian O’Neill, one of the most outstanding players of recent decades, who was able to shine on the field with his talent as well as his magic, has “left us.” El Observador stated that Fabian O’Neill was one those great talents …. whose career was marred by alcoholism and excesses.


Fabian O’Neill’s friends and family are now revealing that he was nicknamed The Magician. He was referred to as the greatest footballer they had ever seen. Others also said that he was inconsistent and unable to keep his head above water. According to some, Fabian did the best numbers. He also made his debut in 1995 in Cagliari as one of Massimo Celino’s foresight. These were the years when Italy was still the top-ranked country in the world. Fabian’s sports career was memorable and he has achieved many milestones while he was still alive.

What Was Fabian O’Neill Cause Of Death?

Fabian O’Neill died at the age 49, on December 25, 2022. He was praised by Uruguay’s star as one of his most talented players and received many tributes. Former Uruguayan defender Fabian O’Neill, 49, died after a long battle with chronic liver disease. O’Neill suffered a hemorhage Saturday. It was reported that Fabian O’Neill, a former Uruguayan footballer, died Sunday in Montevideo.

O’Neill, who was suffering from chronic cirrhosis and was admitted to an intensive care unit on Saturday. According to Montevideo’s El Pais the former international midfielder was admitted to hospital in 2020 after a severe liver condition he developed from his alcoholism. This led to him early retirement at 29.

he was in a coma and had bleeding issues due to chronic liver disease. Fabian was being treated for the same. Fabian, who was only 49 years old, died after receiving all of the treatment he needed from medical staff. His death has been a topic of much interest to his family. While everyone would agree that 49 should not be considered an age for leaving the world, we all have to obey God’s will.

The Uruguayan Football Association released a statement on the news of the deceased’s passing. They stated that Fabian O’Neill passed away on Christmas Day.


O’Neill’s death came as a shock. He was considered to be the best South American footballer of his generation. Although he suffered from a serious drinking problem, his talent was praised by his peers. Moreover, his autobiography, “The Magician”, was published in 2013.

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