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Emma Lovell Killed Brisbane North At North Lakes



Emma Lovell Killed Brisbane North

Emma Lovell Killed Brisbane North: Hey guys today coming out a very horrific news from Brisbane North counselling australia. This incident happened on Boxing day, Two teenage boys have been charged with murder and attempted murder after a woman was killed at her home in north Brisbane on Boxing Day.

Emma Lovell  41 was attacked and stabbed to death by two intruders late last night. Emma Lovell, 41, was fatally stabbed in the chest after allegedly disturbing the offenders inside her North Lakes home at about 11.30pm on Monday night. The news spread quickly on the internet, and many people are praising it.

The victim was a 41 year-old woman. Lee, her 43-year-old partner, was also inside the house at the time. They were trying to stop two intruders during Boxing Day in Brisbane’s north. Many people shared their responses and raised many questions about this horrific murder. Now that not clear Who was exactly Murdered Police continued to enquiry regard this case.

 Emma Lovell Killed In Brisbane North At North Lakes

Whitfeld Cresent was called by Queensland Police for an argument over a North Lakes brawl. According to reports, Emma Lovell  41 and Her husband  had been scared by intruders who entered their home via the front porch. After the fight, she sustained severe injuries and was rushed by her husband immediately to the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital.

Emma Lovell Killed Brisbane North

What Happened At North Lakes?

The shocking incident occurred after she had returned from a Christmas vacation to the Sunshine Coast, where she spent Christmas Day with her family.


Emma Lovell (41), was stabbed to death in an alleged break and enter at her North Lakes home, Queensland. Lee, her husband, and she were protecting their home from intruders when they attacked. Mrs Lovell was attacked in the chest and her partner was also hurt.

The incident occurred on Boxing Day and is currently under investigation by police. The investigation into the circumstances surrounding the entry and use of the weapon is ongoing. The scene is being investigated by the police dog squad.

The woman has been identified by police as Emma Lovell. According to a spokesperson, Lovell was in the house when the intruders broke into it. The intruders then attacked the couple, and one of them was shot. It is not known if the intruders were connected to the Lovells.

Police ask anyone who has CCTV footage to contact them. After the attack, four people were taken into custody. Two teenage boys were originally charged with attempted murder. The teens were in touch with police prior to the incident. Leanne Enoch (frontbencher for the state government) said that the attack was “incredibly tragic”. There is no connection between the Lovells’ and the alleged offenders.

Superintendent Hallam stated that the family was traumatized. Nearby residents reported seeing police cars in the area. He couldn’t confirm whether the boys were subject to curfew conditions. The Lovells have a GoFundMe account. Donations are expected to help pay for their expenses. Many people have paid tribute on social media to the victim after their loss.


Police are currently working with four people to assist them in their investigation after they were spotted leaving a home. However, no one has been arrested and no one has been charged. Many people have paid tribute to her since hearing the news.

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