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Meet Elvis Presley 4 Grandchildren



Elvis Presley Grandchildren

Elvis Presley Grandchildren: Presley’s oldest granddaughter Riley Keough has appeared in many blockbuster movies and is currently starring in Zola. She isn’t Elvis’ only grandchild. Elvis and Priscilla Presley had a child together, Lisa Marie Presley. She went on to have four more children. Read on to know more about Elvis Presley Grandchildren.

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Elvis Presley Daughter

Elvis Presley Grandchildren

Lisa Marie Keough was the mother of Benjamin Keough and Riley Keough. Her first husband Danny Keough, a musician, was her husband from 1988 to 1994. Lisa Marie married Michael Lockwood on June 6, 2006. They had fraternal twins, Harper and Finley. Later, Lisa Marie and Lockwood divorced in 2016.

Lisa Marie updates her Instagram account from time to time with information about herself and her children. She also revealed that she and her twins had been fostering puppies. Lisa shared a picture of her family enjoying tea at The Plaza Hotel in 2019.

She uploaded a photo of her and her three daughters to Instagram in February 2019, thanking her fans for their wishes. She added, “Thank you so much for the lovely birthday wishes from everyone.” “Like every other day, it wouldn’t have been possible without these three.”


Lisa Marie talked about parenting her four children in an interview with Healthy Living magazine in 2014. This interview was done before Benjamin’s passing.

She said, “I basically shower them love and be very protective.” They are my primary focus. This is what I do. This is what I care about most. They are my closest friends and I make sure they are healthy and happy.

She said, “The older ones are more affectionate with the smaller ones and they help me with them.” We all support each other; we are each other’s best friends. They are my mother, and I am their father.”

In May 2019, Lisa Marie shared a sweet moment with Riley and her younger siblings on Instagram. Lisa Marie sent Riley a tape recording of her performing “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John for her 30th Birthday.

The song was also performed by Harper and Finley, which was quite a surprise. Lisa Marie stated that the present was “moving enough.” But the surprise was when her sisters sang along. Riley weeps as she hears her sisters sing along to the tape. Continue reading to know more about Elvis Presley Grandchildren.


Riley Keough

Riley Keough

Riley Was the eldest grandchild of Elvis. She started her modeling career in her teens. Riley then transitioned to acting, and built a successful career. She has appeared in films like The Runaways and Magic Mike. In 2017, she was nominated for a Golden Globe for her role on The Girlfriend Experience.

Recently, she has been in the films The Lodge and The Devil All the Time. She will be playing the title character in the miniseries adaptation Taylor Jenkins Reid’s novel Daisy Jones & The Six. She is learning how to sing and play guitar.

Riley shared an Instagram story in Benjamin’s honor, nearly a year ago. Riley shared an image of her and her brother, “One year ago this morning was my last chance to see you,” with the caption: “I didn’t fully embrace your because I assumed that you had COVID. I wish I could have given you a hug. Every day I think of you.”

Benjamin Keough

Elvis Presley Grandchildren

Elvis’ grandchild Benjamin, who was 27 years old, committed suicide in July 2020. In October 2020, Lisa Marie celebrated what would have been the 28th birthday of her son Benjamin with an Instagram post.

“My dear, precious angel, I revered the ground that you walked on both here on Earth as well as in Heaven. My heart and soul were there for you. She said that the anguish was so intense and uncontrollable without her.


“Please wait for my darling and hold on to my hand as I continue to care for and nurture you little sisters and be there for Riley.

Finley Lockwood & Harper Lockwood

Elvis Presley Grandchildren

Finley Aaron Love Lockwood’s youngest grandkids and fraternal twins are Harper and Harper, full names Finley Aaron Love Lockwood (and Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood), who were born to Lisa Marie and Michael on October 7, 2008.

They were both married between 2006-2016. (Twins are a common trait in the Presley family. Elvis was born as a twin. However, his sibling passed away shortly after he was born. Their mother often posts photos of Harper and Finley on her Instagram.

Lisa Marie shared a happy selfie with her children on her 53rd birthday, February 2, and thanked everyone who had sent her good wishes. Lisa Marie shared the following words about Riley, Finley and Harper: “Like every other day,” she said.

“I couldn’t have made it to the end without these three.” In a 2012 interview with CMT, Lisa Marie stated that her father’s soul lives in her grandkids. She said that they all have a bit of him in them. Each one has their quirks and I can tell.


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