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Elvis Presley Daughter The Witness No.14 In Raped Case



Elvis Presley Daughter

Elvis Presley Daughter: California prosecutors published a list Thursday of witnesses in Danny Masterson’s ongoing rape case. This list includes Elvis Presley’s daughter. Read on to know more about Elvis Persley Daughter.

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Elvis Presley Daughter Witness 14

Elvis Presley Daughter

Lisa Marie Presley is designated as civil witness number 14 and is one of many high-profile witnesses that the state plans to present before jurors. This is in connection with the claims that the defendant raped 3 women in the early 2000s. Tony Ortega deserves credit for breaking the story first.

According to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, the defendant raped three women aged 23 and 28 in 2001. A 28-year old woman raped in April 2003. And a 23 year-old woman raped “sometime” in October and December 2003. Each incident took place at the house of the actor in the Hollywood Hills.

Masterson, 46 years old, has maintained his innocence all the way. Defense attorney Tom Mesereau filed a not guilty plea for his client at an LA arraignment on January 20, 2021.


The attorney who had previously defended Bill Cosby in sex assault cases against Michael Jackson, claimed that the statute of limitations in each case had expired during a previous hearing.

However, the judge presided over the case rejected this claim and the jury selection process began on Tuesday.

Testimonies of Witnesses

Masterson claims that the intercourse was mutual.

One of the victims claims she drugged, then drifted out of consciousness and woke up periodically to see Masterson showering and then raping. She claims she threatened by Masterson’s revolver when she woke up one morning.

Another victim claims she was raped in her house with Masterson, an actor most well-known for his portrayal of “Hyde” over the course of a long relationship. Masterson allegedly attacked her in the face and spat on her after she tried to flee.


The defendant is a Scientology practitioner for many decades. Both women members at the time of the alleged occurrences.

Although the controversial religion is forbidden in courtrooms, the judge at Los Angeles County Superior Court Charlaine Olmedo has allowed a small mention of it. He has also advised the prosecution to not make a presentation on Scientology.

The reason is that the ladies believe that Masterson’s church leaders encouraged them not to speak out about his alleged misdeeds. Although the Scientology connection is not strong enough to explain why Cedric Bixler-Zavala, At the Drive-In, is also on the witness lists.

Masterson is married to Chrissie Carnell Bixler. The couple also sued the Church of Scientology and the defendant in civil court. BixlerZavala claimed in 2020 that Scientology followers poisoned his pets when his wife out.

The Mars Volta singer posted on Instagram, “I’m at a vet with another injured animal.” “This is what my backyard and front yard have revealed to me.” This is how Scientology protects predators.


Since all its members must “abide by the laws” of the country, the church stated it will not attempt to silence crime victims. The church petitioned the United States Supreme Court for the right to require civil plaintiffs to take part in binding arbitration.

Jennifer Weinman is Masterson’s long-time publicist and is included in the prosecution’s witness listing.

A November 2017 report claims Weinman told Masterson’s victim that she could not raped if she in a relationship.

Transcription of the conversation

Victim B. says, “I know Chrissie [Bixler], so I’m certain she’d talk to me.”

Weinman says that Chrissie Danny’s girlfriend at the same time. “There’s really nothing. There’s no narrative there.”


“He raped her,” says Victim B.

“They were boyfriend/girlfriend and dated for one year, then they got into a fight again, so I don’t believe …”.

Victim B says that he raped her even though she unconscious. Victim B says that he rapes people while they’re unconscious because that’s how he does it. He’s unwell…”

Weinman claims that “You weren’t unconscious when you dropped off” Marty Singer, a well-known lawyer, actresses and a Masterson assistant are all listed on the witness list. Lisa Marie Presley is a Scientology member since almost 30 years.