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Eja Lange Son Of Sharia Twain & Robert John



Eja Lange

Eja Lange: Shania Twain is the mother of Eja Lange. He is Shania’s only child and the result of her marriage to Robert John “Mutt”, Lange. He was her only son and became her main support when she was going through her difficult divorce. Read on to know more about Eja Lange.

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Eja Lange Son Of Sharia

Eja LangeEja is now much more mature. According to reports, Eja, now 21, is following in his parents’ footsteps. He would prefer to work in the background, contrary to Shania his mother.

Shania Twain revealed very little about her son Eja Lange throughout his entire life. She did however wish him a happy birthday in a few moments on Instagram. Eja Lange was conceived on August 12, 2001. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight in 2019, Twain stated that Eja Lange was interested in music careers.

However, he didn’t enjoy being in the spotlight or performing on stage but did enjoy the creative process. Twain made the comments to Eja about his interest in music careers. After some time, Twain revealed that Eja had started creating his own music.

He is an extremely dedicated, passionate, and hardworking individual. He was also very entertaining to watch and she said that they were able to create music together. Twain would stay in her bedroom, while he would be at his. However, they would often text to each other to discuss their work and offer criticism.


Eja was not content to be raised by his parents. Eja has taken in many musical influences to help him discover his unique sound. Twain stated that he listens to electronic dance music (EDM) and Hans Zimmer is his main musical influence.

Eja still finds it more fun to write songs than to sing them. Eja is not like his mother and avoids the spotlight. He also doesn’t have an outgoing personality. His mother is certain that Eja would thrive in the creative sector.