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Dexter Manley Networth, Bio & Professional Life



Dexter Manley Networth

Dexter Manley networth is estimated to be in the $5 million range. Dexter Manley is a well-known name in the United States.

Manley is a well-known and accomplished former American football player who spent almost 14 seasons in the National Football League. Read on to know more about Dexter Manley networth.

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Dexter Manley Net Worth

Dexter Manley Networth

Manley has received widespread acclaim for his work as a defensive end, having played for a variety of clubs and reaching significant milestones. He began his football career with his high school squad in Houston and eventually transferred to Oklahoma State.

Manley was picked by the NFL in 1981. He was drafted by the Washington Redskins, where he spent almost eight seasons. Manley departed the Redskins in 1989 to join the Phoenix Cardinals.


Despite the fact that he was only with them for one season. Manley has won two Super Bowls, making him a huge success. As a defensive back, he set various records and was named Player of the Year in 1986.

Dexter Manley is a well-known American footballer who has reached various milestones in his career. He began his career in the early 1980s and continued to play in the National Football League until 1994.

Manley spent the last portion of his career in the Canadian Football League. Manley has also amassed a sizable net worth as a result of his football career. Dexter Manley’s net worth is now believed to be about $5 million. Manley’s fortune has grown as a result of brand endorsements and ads.

Dexter Manley Biography

Manley, better known by his professional name Dexter Manley, is a well-known name in America. Dexter Manley was born on February 2, 1959, in Houston, Texas, USA.

Manley began playing football at a young age, but he hasn’t divulged many specifics about his childhood. Dexter rose to prominence in high school, where he excelled at defense. He then proceeded to college, where he rose to fame.


Manley, on the other hand, has suffered from a colloid cyst, which has caused him a lot of grief. At early 1986, he fell in a store.

He had surgery to address the condition in 2006. However, the operation’s side effects led him to lose his memory. He is now married and residing in Washington with his family.

Dexter Professional Life

Dexter Manley began his professional career in 1981. Despite the fact that he was already active in football at his high school. Dexter Manley was a standout athlete in high school. He then received a scholarship and attended Oklahoma State University, where he played for the University team.

Manley had good success with his collegiate squad, which helped him be picked into the NFL. The Washington Redskins chose him in the fifth round of the 1981 NFL Draft.

Manley stayed with the Redskins until 1989, receiving various awards such as Defensive Lineman of the Year in 1986, Pro Bowl, 80 Greatest Redskins, and so on. He also owns two Super Bowl rings.


Manley later played for clubs such as the Phoenix Cardinals and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He later joined the Canadian Football League. Manley has previously played in the Canadian league for clubs such as the Ottawa Rough Riders and the Shreveport Pirates.

FAQs About Dexter Manley

Q. Dexter Manley’s net worth is unknown.

A. Dexter Manley’s net worth is estimated to be at $5 million.

Q. What is Dexter Manley’s age?

A. Dexter Manley is now 63 years old (2 February 1959).


Q. What is Dexter Manley’s salary?

A. Dexter Manley’s annual salary is projected to be $4,50,000+.

Q. What is Dexter Manley’s height?

A. Dexter Manley stands 1.91 meters tall.

Q. What is Dexter Manley’s wife’s name?


A. Lydia Manley has been Dexter Manley’s wife since 1997.