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Delta Flight Attendant Tied Hijacker



Delta Flight Hijack

All the news channels ran stories about the “Delta Flight Attendant Tied Hijacker”. Delta Flight 386, which took off on Friday, June 4, 2021, was covered by news stories as a result of the unusual emergency landing. All the news channels ran stories about the “Delta Flight Attendant Zip Ties Hijacker.” 

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Delta Flight Attendant Tied Hijacker Using Zip

Delta Flight Hijack

An unidentified guy raced to the cockpit door as the jet left Los Angeles International Airport. The guy yelled, “Stop the plane!” and continued to pound on the door. Flight attendant Christopher Williams intervened and used zip ties to restrain the alleged hijacker.

According to the video released by a passenger, the flight attendant and other passengers chained the alleged hijacker’s hands and feet with a yellow wire.

Williams and the man may be seen grappling in the widely shared mobile phone footage from the internet. After being wheeled to the plane’s back, the patient was seated.


A video shot by a passenger on Delta Flight 386 has gone viral after being shared on social media platforms such as Twitter. Following this event, many on Twitter had a fresh appreciation for the work that flight attendants do.

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A significant number of other passengers have expressed their gratitude for flight attendant Christopher Williams on social media for his prompt and decisive actions that helped save everyone’s lives.

There are a lot of films of the hijacker who used zip ties on a Delta flight, and you can find them on YouTube. In addition to this, a related discussion thread on Reddit became quite popular. Christopher Williams’s brave actions have garnered a lot of admiration from people all across the world.

When somebody tried breaking into the pilot’s cabin, chaos ensued. After Flight 386 was rerouted to Albuquerque, the hijacker, or hijackers, got off the plane. When the jet finally landed at around 2:20 p.m., airport security quickly took the man into custody. In order to continue the journey from Albuquerque to Nashville, all of the passengers were moved to a different plane.