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Dating A Shy Guy [Quick Guide]



Dating A Shy Guy

Dating A Shy Guy: Shy men may be calm and sensitive, so your efforts will be appreciated. In fact, he may be glad and happy that he does not have to initiate contact with you! Dating a shy man may be a lovely experience if you can accept and cope with their sensitive and empathetic disposition. Read on to know more about dating a shy guy.

Their delicate and compassionate temperament makes them excellent friends, but it also requires caution to avoid accidently injuring them. Once you’ve gained his trust and he begins to open up to you, be sure to cultivate that link tenderly.

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How to Date a Shy Guy

Dating A Shy Guy

Shy males might seem unapproachable, so you’ll have to work more than normal to be with them. Take a look at these pointers to make your dating experience more enjoyable.

Demonstrate a strong interest

A shy man need a strong indicator that you are interested in him. Try smiling at him everytime you see him and greeting him with a kind ‘hello’ anytime he is in your presence. When you see him across the room, maintain eye contact for a few seconds longer. Your attention may entice him to approach you or at the very least make him feel at ease when you open a chat.


Take the first step

Some males find it difficult to approach a female, so why not take the initiative and approach him directly? Approach him while he is alone and your buddies are not around. This relieves him of the strain and does not scare him. Introduce yourself and let the discussion flow naturally.

Inquire about him

There may be uncomfortable silences while conversing with a shy man. To prevent such situations, you might ask him questions so that he can elaborate and communicate. To begin, ask him generic questions to learn about his thoughts and ideas on particular themes. Once you’re both at ease, go on to queries about his personal life.

Discover shared interests

Try to learn about his interests by asking him informally, examining his social media, or chatting to his friends. This way, you’ll have an icebreaker and additional discussion subjects to choose from.

Take an interest in his hobby

If you can’t discover anything in common, attempt to learn about his hobbies. For example, if he enjoys watching football, you may accompany him to a few games. You don’t have to force yourself to enjoy it, but you can keep him company when the occasion calls. When a shy person is doing something he likes, he is more likely to feel calm.

Determine his favorite way of communication

Some timid males may feel embarrassed talking to a female in person, but they are more receptive to chatting or texting since it allows them to organize their ideas and emotions. Similarly, some men find typing difficult and prefer to engage in person. Find out what your man enjoys and stick to that mode while restricting involvement in the other.


Avoid blabbering

Your eagerness in talking to this person, along with his difficulty to keep the conversation going, may cause you to blabber to fill uncomfortable silences. His silence might be unsettling, but you must be patient and enable the man to think of something to say to you.

Accept silences as typical in partnerships.  It may seem strange to sit silently, but stick with it to see whether he is interested in chatting to you.

Be honest about your emotions

A shy man may miss small cues and may not even recognize your interest in him. If you want to go ahead, you may need to be bold and explicit about your ambitions. You must demonstrate to him that you desire to take your friendship to the next level.