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Darya Dugin Death



Darya Dugina

Daria Platonova was the pen name of Russian journalist, political scientist, and activist Darya Aleksandrovna Dugin. As the daughter of the far-right political scholar Aleksander Dugin, she shared her father’s political ideas and stance in favour of Vladimir Putin. She was dead on 20 August 2022. 

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Darya Dugin

Darya Dugina

It is believed that a vehicle bomb was responsible for the death of Darya Dugin, daughter of Alexander Dugin. According to the findings of the Russian investigation, Darya Dugina, who was 29 years old, passed away in an explosion on a road close to Moscow.

Alexander Dugin, her father, could have been the original target of the attack, cause he  decided last minute to fly separately. An ultranationalist ideologue, Mr. Dugin is considered to be close to the president of Russia. The philosopher Alexander Dugin was speaking at an event in Moscow, where he was also accompanied by his daughter.

Darya Dugin Investigation

  • Dugin looks to be watching in surprise as firefighters put out a fire in an automobile in a telegram image.
  • The death of Ms. Dugina was confirmed by investigators in the town of Bolshiye Vyazemy.
  • They stated that an explosive device planted somewhere caused the car fire.

Darya Dugin’s Father

Without holding an official position in the administration, Alexander Dugin still serves as a potent political symbol. As a result of President Putin’s expansionist foreign policy, notably toward Ukraine, his anti-Western, ultranationalist outlook has come to dominate Russian politics.

Despite not working for the government, Alexander Dugin has been dubbed “Putin’s Rasputin.” As a journalist, Darya Dugina sided with those who invaded Ukraine.


As a journalist, Darya Dugina sided with those who invaded Ukraine. Sanctions were placed on Alexander Dugin in 2015 for his suspected role in assisting the Russian invasion of Crimea.

Putin is said to have been inspired by his thoughts, and he is often credited with developing the ultranationalist worldview held by many in the Kremlin. Dugin has advocated for a more assertive Russian foreign policy and backed Russian military participation in Ukraine.

Controversy on Darya Dugin’s Death

  • Who was behind the attack? Denis Pushilin, “leader” of the pro-Russian “Donetsk People’s Republic,” has already blamed Ukraine. The Ukrainian regime’s thugs killed Alexander Dugin’s daughter.
  • Because of the recent bombings and attacks in Crimea and along the Ukrainian border, this will cause concern in Moscow.
  •  Vladimir Putin, the propaganda from the Kremlin claims, has brought peace and order to Russia after the chaos of the ’90s. Moscow’s car bomb demonstrates otherwise.
  • A Ukrainian official said that they didn’t take part in Darya Dugin Murder. “Ukraine is not a criminal state, like the Russian Federation, and much less a terrorist state,” stated Volodymyr Zelensky’s adviser Mykhailo Podolyak.
  • Maria Zakharova, Russia’s foreign ministry spokesperson, claimed any Ukrainian link would be “state terrorism”.

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