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Constantine II Death Cause Last King Of Greece Dies



Constantine II Death

Constantine II Death Cause: Friends many of years ago In all over world nominated as king of kingdom It’s rule usualy as Autocracy In those king now a king live Constantine II, last king of Greece, was 82 years old recently he died.

According to reports, he died in Athens on Tuesday, January 10, 2022. The king was admitted to a private hospital in Athens last week after he had difficulty breathing. Since the tragic news broke, tributes have been flooding in on social media. The grieving family is being offered condolences by well-wishers and loved ones.

Constantine II Death Cause

Constantine II was the last Greek King. At 82 years old, he died on January 10. This marks the end to his nine-year reign of king of Greece. He died in an Athens private hospital.

The cause of the death of the former king is not known. He was admitted to hospital with breathing difficulties.

The family and representatives of Constantine II did not reveal any details about their loved one’s sudden death. According to reports, Constantine II was suffering from breathing difficulties and was taken to hospital for treatment.


It didn’t improve his condition, and it is now being reported that he died. The news spread quickly on social media platforms, attracting everyone’s attention.

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Who Was Constantine II?

Constantine’s nine year rule ended during one of the most turbulent times in nation’s history. Constantine was born in Athens, June 2, 1940. He became King after his father, King Paul I died from cancer in 1964. A centrist government led by George Papandreou, was elected in February 1964.

Apostasia, which resulted in the military taking control in July 1965, caused unrest and instability within Greece. A group of right-wing, traditionalist middle-ranking officers attempted a coup de et on April 21, 1967.

The junta attempted to replace the government by a new one, led Georgios Athanasiadis – Novas. His appointment was criticized because it was unconstitutional.

The country held a referendum after the junta collapsed. Over six in ten Greeks voted to abolish the monarchy.


Constantine II was close to his cousin Charles III, the British monarch. He married Princess Anne-Marie, the Danish princess, and had five children. He was one of the godparents of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, during his reign.

A national unity government was established after the fall of the military in 1974. Konstantinos Karamanlis was elected prime minister. There was hope that Constantine would be able to return to the throne.

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