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Christopher Schwarzenegger Weight Loss Efforts



Christopher Schwarzenegger

Christopher Schwarzenegger displayed the amazing results of his two year weight loss effort at his brother Patrick Schwarzenegger’s 29th birthday celebration on September 18. Christopher arrived at Nobu Malibu wearing a grey collared shirt, blue jeans and looked remarkably thin and healthy. Read on to know more about Christoper Schwarzenegger.

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Christopher Schwarzenegger Efforts To Loose Weight

Christopher Schwarzenegger

Christopher was there with his sisters Christina, and Katherine, as well as Chris Pratt his brother-in law. Arnold and Maria divorced in 2011, after Maria learned that Arnold had a child with Mildred Baena. They met up at Nobu Malibu with all their children to celebrate Patrick. It was like a family reunion

Christopher first brought attention to his July 2020 weight loss efforts. At the time, he was sporting a Brentwood Football shirt and brown shorts to show off his weight loss. Christopher, who was slimmer than ever, was photographed eating lunch at Beverly Hills last summer wearing a white shirt and green shorts.

While out with Maria in New York City, Christopher showed off his slim figure wearing a black zip-up jacket, light grey chinos, and a light grey shirt. Below is a picture of Christopher before he lost his entire weight.


Christopher will be graduating from the University of Michigan in May 2020. This is a significant milestone in his life that will encourage him to stay in shape and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Christopher made it his goal to get fit for graduation. He started working out and eating better. Although he was away from school for a while, he is now ready to take better care and be more independent.

Christopher’s father supported his efforts to lose weight. Schwarzenegger insiders said that Christopher’s father was a great help. Arnold was always there to help and encourage Christopher when he expressed an interest. 


Q. What happened to Christopher?

A.He suffered a collapsed lung, broken bones and broken ribs and is in the intensive care unit.


Q. Did Christopher Schwarzenegger lose weight?

A. He lost weight the natural way which comprises physical workout routines and reducing junk intake.

Q. How old is Christopher Schwarzenegger?

A. He is 25 years old.

Q. What does Christina Schwarzenegger do for a living?


A. He is an actor.

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