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Christopher Dowling Died: Former Water Polo Player & Swimmer



Christopher Dowling Died: According to the latest news, Christopher  Dowling, a former water polo player as well as swimmer, has Dowling died on 21 December 2022. At the time of his passing, the former Water sports star was 78. His family announced the sad news. We will be sharing all the details about his tragic passing in today’s article. Keep reading to learn more about Christopher Dowling.

Our research is still trying to reach his family but we are currently unable to. Many people have offered their condolences and sympathies to Dowling. Stay tuned for all the latest news, updates and information from both national and international sources.

Recently Christopher Dowling Died

Christopher Dowling’s tragic passing was very heartbreaking for his loved ones, family and friends. This sad news was shared by his family on social media. They said Christopher Dowling died on 21 December 2022. They didn’t reveal the cause or reason for his death. If any update get our team, I will difinitly shared with you.

Who was Christopher Dowling?

Christopher Dowling, a former swimmer from Malta was born in Sliema on June 15, 1944. He participated in the 100-meter freestyle men’s competition at the 1960 Summer Olympics. Christopher Dowling was involved in many sports throughout his school years. However, Dowling’s favourite sports in Malta were swimming and water polo.

Christopher Dowling Died

According to reports, Christopher Dowling was just sixteen years old when he was chosen to represent Malta in the 1963 Summer Olympics in Rome. According to reports, Dowling also competed in 100-meter freestyle for men. His time in the preliminary heats, a few days later, was the slowest among the 52 swimmers. According to reports, Dowling also gained notoriety for water polo. He competed with Balluta WPC and, apart from that, in 1963, he represented his country at the Mediterranean Games, Naples, Italy.


Christopher Dowling was a successful water polo player as well as competitive swimmer. His name was even attached to many record-breaking swimming records. His genius in the classroom as well as on the golf course was a hallmark of his personality. He was most famous for leading his team to victory at the Australian Masters Championships.

He was also a Balluta WPC water polo player. Five national cups were among his trophies. Despite his athletic abilities, Dowling wasn’t the most fluid swimmer in the water. In the preliminary heats, he was the slowest. He did however manage to win the prize.

His family established the Christopher Dowling Memorial Fund as a tribute to the sporting genius. The foundation was established to pay tribute to the legend and help others in the medical and sports communities. It is a worthy cause and he has left a legacy that will be remembered.

Christopher Dowling Career

Further reports claim that Dowling, who had set several 100-meter swimming records in his successful sports career, retired from the sport in 1973. Dowling won five league championships and five national cups. In 1974, Dowling graduated from St. Michael’s Teacher Training College. Dowling graduated from St. Michael’s Teacher Training College in 1974. Many reports suggest that he still provided private instruction for many of the upcoming swimmers, even though he was retired. Because his father Jimmy and his uncles Buddy, as well as Ralph Dowling, were great water polo players, Christopher was a natural water sport enthusiast. They were even involved in water polo with Valletta Uni W.P.C.

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