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Bryce Hall TikTok Star Punches Nightclub Security Guard Viral Video Footage



Bryce Hall TikTok Star

Bryce Hall TikTok Star: A piece of information about Bryce Hall, a Tik Tok celebrity, is currently being circulated on social media. With more than 23,000,000 followers, he was the most popular Tik Tik star.

On Friday, 6 January 2023, during a Calvin Harris concert, he punched a security officer in the head outside XS Nightclub.

This news is attracting a lot attention on social media, with many questions being raised about it. Let’s discuss the details of who he is, why he punched guard and other news items related to this incident.

Bryce Hall TikTok Star Punches Nightclub Security Guard Viral Video Footage

According to reports, TMZ has released a video in which Bryce Hall is seen fighting with four security officers to bring him down. He punched one of the security guards during the fight.

Bryce Hall TikTok Star

The police from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department responded immediately to a call. After a while, he and his friend were both kicked out the nightclub.


We can see that he was being pushed to the ground by four security guards. During this fight, he punched one of them, which made the news viral. He was eventually charged with two counts each of battery and trespassing.

When we talk about who is his girlfriend, it is obvious that the Tiktoker was recently seen in the news after he was spotted sexing Lindsay Capuano. She is a social media influencer on Instagram, Snapchat and other social media platforms.

Many rumors have circulated that show collage photos of the rumored couple. He posted several pictures of her on social media, and photos were shared on 14 December 2022. She also wrote FAV PIC OF US in the pictures.

He was also recently in a relationship in 2020-2021 with Addison Rae, a Tik Toker. Both are well-known as Tik Tok’s power couple. However, he uploaded a video titled We Broke Up on 26 March 2021.


Later it was revealed that they no longer have a relationship. His personal life isn’t revealed and there is no information about the incident with the security guard. After receiving any additional information, For More Updated Follow

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