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Billy Bush Makes Sexual Comment On Kendall Jenner Leaked Video



Billy Bush Makes Sexual Comment on Kendall Jenner

Billy Bush Makes Sexual Comment on Kendall Jenner: Now days a news scattered on social media leaked a video by Billy Bush abusing comment  New audio leaked from the set Extra shows that Billy Bush made a sexual comment on reality TV star Kendall Jenner.

According to the Daily Beast, the 51-year old host was seen standing in front of a wall that displayed photos of various female celebrities in Halloween costumes.

Kendall Jenner, 27, is seen in the collage as Jesse, the main character of the Toy Story film franchise. Bush asks everyone in the room to name the character. Bush responds to the question after being asked by someone.

Bush told the crew that Kendall would be playing Jessie, and they were all woodies. He also made a joke about Woody, the other lead character in the story, and got laughter.

Billy Bush Makes Sexual Comment on Kendall Jenner

Many official news reporter reached Bush’s representative but he did not respond immediately to our request for comment. Telepictures said that the host was being edgy and part of the creative process.


“As with many types of production in entertainment, the show’s creative process allows for the flexibility to try various jokes and banter,” stated a representative from Telepictures (the show’s production company) in a statement to officially.

The statement ends with the following: “In the end some material lands at the cutting room floor including remarks that may not be suitable for broadcast television.”

Billy Bush’s Sexual Comment

Billy Bush is currently in hot water for a leaked audio recording, in which he makes a sexual comment about Kendall Jenner on the set of Additional. However, the show is standing behind him.

You may recall that Billy had a career change in 2016, when a recording of him with Donald Trump leaked. The tape was from 2005 and featured Trump saying, “When your star is [women] let it happen.” You can do everything. Grab ’em now

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