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Bigg Boss16 Episode13th Jan Written Update Lohri Celebrate



Bigg Boss 16 Episode 13th Jan

Bigg Boss16 Episode13th Jan: Hello Bigg Boss 16 fans, we are finallycollect latest updates on your most awaited TV reality show about Bigg Boss16. Friday 13 January 2023 will bring high-voltage drama and some outrageous activities. The new “Shukarvaar Ka Vaar“, hosted by Salman Khan, will be even more impressive.

He is eager to bring the contestants to his class to correct all the mistakes they made in the previous week. A family week took place and everyone reacted while taking care of their loved ones.

Bigg Boss16 Episode13th Jan Written Update

The latest episode starts with Salman Khan appearing on stage to bless everyone. He tells them that the Lohri festival has arrived and fills everyone’s hearts with joy and happiness.

Bigg Boss16 Episode13th Jan

Bharti and Harsh will be appearing on the show together with their child “Golu”. Bharti gives the kid over to Salman Khan, saying that he will take her kid through his movies in a few years.

She also gives the kid a tag of Chachu. Salman is happy to hold his baby and has fun dancing with him to “Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai”.


Bharti and Harsh then enter the Bigg Boss home. Everyone is happy to see them as they are known as the laughing king and queen. Bharti wishes them all a happy Lohri.

She brings a game and each one will be asked a question. They will then have to answer the questions without any barriers. Because the answers to the questions will ignite the passion among all, especially those who are related, this is why the game is causing arguments.

Bharti, however, expresses her joy to see Tina, and hugged her. Archna, sitting next to her, sighed and said that her mother could go wrong, so she was just a friend. Everyone laughed hard at that statement. Bharti tells Tina that she is a good friend and that she has met her. She hugs Tina and wishes her well.

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