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Bigg Boss 28th December 2022 Episode Written Update:



Bigg Boss 28th December 2022

Bigg Boss 28th December 2022: On, Hello Everyone Toady, We are happy to bring you the latest updates of Bigg Boss 16, 28th December 2022. The Wednesday 28th December 2022 episode will feature high-voltage drama and some very unexpected activities. Bigg Boss has announced another captaincy task for contestants. This is great news as it allows them to rescue someone from being nominated. During the tasks or activities, there will be clashes among contestants.

Bigg Boss 28th December 2022 Episode Written Update

BB16: Today’s Bigg Boss 16 episode, 28 December 2022 (day 89), begins with sirens going off, and the BB16 contestants entering the garden to sing the Bigg Boss Anthem. It’s the first day for Shiv Thakare to be captain. In the early morning, Vikkas and Archana Gautam engage in a fight. Archana asks Vikas if he is tired of barking like a dog. He replies that he should tell her father all the garbage he has.

Bigg Boss 28th December 2022

Archana warns Vikas to not take her father’s title in an argument, and then taunts Vikas about not being able to become a father. Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary, who is also Vikkas’ side, tells Sajid (who tries to intervene) that Archana continues picking fights with everyone. Later, she gains sympathy for cooking for the entire house.

Archana is angrily told by Priyanka to stop, or she will be slapped and refuse to eat the food she made. Shalin Bhanot suddenly gets mad and smashes a chair in the living room. He walks outside, speaks directly to the camera and asks Bigg Boss to call him in the confession room or open the doors of his house because he can’t bear it. Shalin then falls into tears when Sajid arrives to comfort her.

Shalin Breaks The furniture

Vikas responds that Vikas is a Dog and that he barks a lot. Archna threatens Vikas to not use her father’s name. Vikas responds that she is doing this because no one can address Vikas or anyone else inside the house as a Dog. If someone does, then they need to reply in the same tone. The rest of their housemates send them out of the kitchen to separate them.


As he is chatting with Tina, Shalin begins his own track. He asks Bigg Boss for permission to call him into the confession room, or to just open the main door, because he wants out of the house regardless of what happens. Sajid arrives to help him understand and takes him into the smoking room. This will allow him to feel calmer. You can watch the Colors TV show and stay tuned for more information.

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