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Ava Majury, 15, is Getting Ready to Testify in a Court Case Against a Second stalker



Ava Majury

The story of 15-year-old TikTok star Ava Majury highlights the dangers of social media fame. Despite having over 1.2 million followers, Ava has fallen victim to online stalking. One stalker, Eric Justin from Maryland, was charged with harassment for requesting explicit photos and images.

A second stalker is currently being pursued in court. Ava’s family is speaking out to raise awareness of the potential dangers associated with internet fame and encouraging others to be cautious online.

Ava is a top influencer and earns thousands of dollars a year through TikTok. Despite these dangers, Ava and her family do not blame the internet and hope to raise awareness of these issues.

TikTok has 1.2 Million Followers

Ava Majury

Ava Majury (1.2 million) is one the most well-known young TikTok star. Ava Majury has been a popular celebrity because she uploads lip-syncing videos. This has attracted attention from many including her family. But she is also a target of online predators. This is an example of why you should be more cautious online.

Recent months have seen a lot of interest in the story of Ava Majury. TODAY has interviewed Majury’s family, asking them to raise awareness of the dangers posed by social media. NBC News has aired a story about the incident.


Ava is a 15-year-old Florida girl who became a famous TikTok star, and has 1.2 million followers. Following her popularity on the site, Ava started selling pictures and videos she took. In fact, her promo videos were even paid through her main account.

Ava is now a victim of stalkers because of her popularity. EricJustin111 from Ellicott City in Maryland started to harass Ava. EricJustin111, a TikToker user from Ellicott City, Maryland started to harass her by calling and asking for explicit photos and images.

Stalking case against a schoolmate dismissed

Ava Majury became a internet celebrity thanks to TikTok. Ava Majury has over a million fans and keeps active social media profiles. A former classmate charged her with stalking despite her fame. The girl also asked the court for a domestic violence injunction against her classmate.

Ava Majury started using TikTok when she was 13. You can see videos of her performing lip syncing and dancing on her social media profiles.

At age 15, she had more than a million followers on her main account and was a top influencer. She claims that her social media presence attracted attention from a stalker.


Ava Majury filed a January complaint to her school alleging that a classmate was stalking her. This turned out to be a false accusation. The incident involved a 15-year old boy, Majury’s school.

Ava, a classmate of hers, testified against Ava in March. The case was dismissed by the judge because there wasn’t enough evidence


Second stalker emerges

Ava Majury, the famous TikTok star, is getting ready to testify in a court case against a second stalker. He claims to have been following her for the past year.

Eric Rohan Justin (an 18-year-old Maryland man) was the first suspect. Majury was greeted by a man with a gun. His father killed him when he tried fleeing. This occurred July 10, 2020.


Ava’s family moved to Naples, Florida, in order to enjoy the warmer climate. During her time in the area, her parents noticed another fan who was stalking her online. Their concerns about their safety prompted them to take action.

Ava will go to court Monday 28 February to ask for an injunction regarding her second stalker. Although Ava’s parents claimed that she was a teenager, the individual has not been identified.

Ava’s family is looking for video evidence in the stalking case. In the meantime, they hope to obtain an injunction that would restrict the boy’s contact with Majury.


Online earning money

Ava Majury (15-year-old TikTok Star) was victim to a stalker attack. Her family was left terrified and scared. Her testimony will be in court Monday.

Reports state that the stalker was following Ava over a year, and tried to enter her house with a shotgun. Ava’s father was alerted to the incident and immediately killed the suspect. After hearing the attack, Ava’s father shot and killed the suspect.


A gun-wielding fan approached Ava’s home with a gun in July 2021. Ava’s father killed the fan by opening the door.

Ava and her family have condemned the internet trolls for blaming Ava. The family wants people to be aware of the potential dangers associated with internet fame. Currently, Ava earns thousands of dollars a year through TikTok, and her videos have over a million views.

In conclusion

the story of Ava Majury highlights the potential dangers associated with social media fame. Despite having a large following, Ava has become a victim of online stalking, which has prompted her family to speak out and raise awareness.

The dangers of social media cannot be ignored, and it is important for individuals to be cautious when sharing personal information and engaging with others online.


Ava’s story serves as a reminder that fame and fortune do not always bring happiness and security, and it is crucial to consider the potential consequences of our actions on the internet