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Are Fans Anticipating Another Season of ‘lucifer season 7’? Will Fans Bid Farewell To Morningstar?



lucifer season 7

Lucifer season 7

On Friday, September 10th on Netflix, the American urban fantasy television series lucifer season 7 premiered its highly anticipated sixth season. Since 2016, this captivating show has kept audiences hooked with its intense supernatural action and captivating romance between Tom Ellis and Lauren German.

Fans of Lucifer, knowing that its season would end after only three episodes, weren’t quite ready to say goodbye yet. To save their favorite show, fans organized extensive campaigns in an attempt to bring it back – which Netflix eventually granted. Now with Lucifer season 6, many are wondering if this is it for the series – read on to find out.

Are we at the end of Lucifer season 6? Will there be a seventh season?


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Netflix Life reported that, after being canceled on Fox news, Netflix revived the show by ordering ten episodes for season four. Following its successful run, they ordered another 10-episode season which was expected to be its final one. Released on May 28, 2016, this fifth season was split into two parts with a total of 16 episodes and led to another renewal for a sixth season.

Fans had been wondering if there would be another season of Lucifer. Netflix put an end to all speculation by announcing the sixth as its final installment. Posts promoted for the season on Lucifer’s official Instagram had ‘The Final Season’ written boldly across characters’ faces and one post even read, ‘All bad things must come to an end’.

More on Lucifer

Starring Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar and Lauren German as Detective Chloe Decker, the show boasts an impressive ensemble cast with actors such as Kevin Alejandro, Scarlett Estevez, Kevin Rankin, and Scarlett Estevez. Lucifer follows the journey of Lucifer Morningstar who runs a nightclub in Los Angeles after leaving Hell and later becomes a consultant for LAPD where he meets Lauren German – who becomes his love interest.

The latest season of the popular show was met with an enthusiastic reception from viewers, leaving many teary-eyed as they bid farewell to their beloved show.


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