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Apple Air Tag For Dogs



apple air tag for dog

Apple air tags are a very simple way to find your dog in emergency situations. It can be set up quickly, is waterproof and has an LTE/GPS locating feature. It can also be used to keep cats company.


The AirTag is a device that can be used to track your pet’s movements. This device will help locate your dog in the event they become lost. Besides, you’ll be able to check their location on Apple Maps. It is however not ideal.

It has the best feature of being able to communicate with iOS devices. You can also receive notifications when AirTags are within Bluetooth range. Unfortunately, this device cannot track your pet even if it is far away from you.

The AirTag’s splash resistance is another cool feature. That is, it can be submerged in water for up to 30 minutes. This device also comes with an IP67 rating. It is water-resistant to a depth of 1 meter.

Although the AirTag can withstand water, it is waterproof. It can still be damaged even though the AirTag is water-resistant.


Simple to setup

Apple’s AirTag is a relatively small device that can help you locate your lost pet. The AirTag is easy to use and includes Bluetooth and an integrated speaker. Apps and software can be used to help track your pet while on-the-go. You can add it to your dog’s collar, or hang it on your backpack, wallet, or luggage.

The app and software will guide you through the setup process. When you’re done you will be able to see the location of your pet on your phone. Other than its GPS tracking abilities, the Apple AirTag offers other great features such as an integrated speaker and replaceable battery.

You can use the Find My app to connect 16 AirTags into one account. When your dog goes out of range, you’ll receive a notification on your iPhone, along with a detailed address of where the tag was located.

They can function in virtually any environment. The AirTags are waterproof, water-resistant and can be worn on the collar of a dog for a very long time. They lack the most important features such as being able to share your pet’s location and with others.

GPS/LTE locating device

If you’re looking for a way to keep track of your pet’s activity, the Garmin dog GPS tracker may be the right choice for you. The GPS tracking device tracks your dog’s movement and warns you when your pet is nearing a danger zone. The device can be used even in remote areas that don’t have cell phone service.


Tractive GPS is another option. You can track your dog’s sleep and activity, as well as providing real-time location data. You can create “safe zones” in your home to receive alerts whenever your pet moves within the zone.

Tractive LTE GPS is Tractive’s lightest device. It is waterproof, shockproof and can be used anywhere in the world, including over 150 countries. It also works with AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile’s LTE networks. You will need to subscribe to a monthly plan to be able to use this device.

The ability to make virtual fences is a new feature. This allows you to designate a safe area around your house, in your yard or within your locality.

It can be used for cats.

Apple does not endorse using AirTags for pets. AirTags are useful for certain circumstances, however they do not track animals. Instead, they are designed to track stationary objects.

AirTag works in similar fashion to a ping device. When it’s active, the AirTag makes a brief sound. This could startle a stressed animal, so be careful. If it is close enough to your pet’s neck, the phone will let you know. This will let you know where it is.


The tag can be put into Lost Mode in the event that your pet goes off-leash. After the tag is placed in Lost Mode, you can attach a message or contact number. You can send notifications to your users when the tag detects.

AirTag does not claim to be a tracker device for pets, however it is an excellent way to locate lost animals. Since it is Bluetooth-based, it will only work when your iPhone or iPad is nearby. It has a life expectancy of approximately one year. It’s also waterproof and splash-resistant.