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Angelo Badalamenti Died: [Twin Peaks] Composer



Angelo badalamenti died

Angelo Badalamenti died, a popular American composer and filmmaker, most well-known for his score for Twin Peaks Apart from his work on Twin Peaks, Badalamenti also composed scores for several other David Lynch films including Blue Velvet (1986), and Mulholland drive (2001) in this way many of worksin this industry. 

At a young age, he became an accompanist for singers at Catskills resorts. During his college years, he taught music in a middle school in Brooklyn.His family released a statement saying that Angelo Badalamenti died from natural causes on Sunday, 11 December.

Entertained many people and gave so much art to his audience. A piece of major news about him is now on the internet. People are writing and posting about his photo. After one of his closest friends confirmed his death, it started to happen. We will share all about his death in this article.

Who Was Angelo Badalamenti?

Angelo was born in Brooklyn, a Boroughs, New York City on March 22, 1937.  From a young age, he loved listening to music and would often listen to Berlin’s “What’ll I Do.” This made him sometimes cry. In his Lafayette High School orchestra days, he played French Horn and Piano.

Angelo badalamenti died

He attended Eastman School of Music, Rochester, New York, on a full-scholarship. After two years, he graduated in 1960 from Manhattan School of Music, where he earned his bachelor’s degree and master’s degree. Angelo, in a 2019 interview with his niece, said that he was a college summer singer and accompanied them at Catskill Mountain resorts. He said, “I had to play many of the standards so I learned quite an extensive range of music.”


He added that he had to be able to quickly learn the music and it was an invaluable help later in his career. In Dyker Heights Junior High in Brooklyn, Angelo was teaching seventh-grade music and composing a Christmas musical for them. This was broadcast on PBS station WNET in 1964. Angelo has collaborated with many musical stars, including Nina Simone and Shirley Bassey.

Unfortunately, Angelo Badalamentino died December 11, 2022. We have lost an icon of the English music business. His talent will be remembered forever. His family is still shocked at the loss of him. His death occurred at 85 years of age. Although the cause of death has not been revealed, reports suggest that he died of natural causes because he was very elderly.

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