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Andrew O’Keefe accused of assault, spitting and kicking woman



Andrew O'Keefe accused of assault, spitting and kicking woman

Andrew O’Keefe, an embattled television presenter, is accused of having spat in the face and legs of a woman and then kicking her. She also left her with scratches all over her chest and arms.

The 51-year old is being held in Sydney’s Downing Centre Local Court for the second day on charges of common assault and resisting a officer, assault occasioning actual bodily injury, and contravening an AVO.

These charges were related to an incident that occurred in September 2021 in a Sydney apartment. Nicole Taylor, a neighbour, told the court that she heard O’Keefe sing in her apartment.

“The floorboards weren’t very forgiving…it escalated almost to the sound of an scuffle, there was a disturbance,” Ms Taylor said to the court.

“There were loud noises and shouting…the level of noise that makes you realize something is wrong.”


Ms. Taylor said to the court that she could tell O’Keefe “aggressive, angry”, while O’Keefe was trying to “calm him down”.

Andrew O'Keefe accused of assault, spitting and kicking woman

She went downstairs shortly after to check on the lady who lived in the apartment. When she got there, she saw “scratches all over her chest”.

Ms Taylor stated, “It was my first sight, she was really shaken…her body, her voice, she was in shock and fear at that point.”

“She had marks on her chest and had scratches all over her arms…she was limping, and I asked what had happened.”

According to the court, the victim claimed that O’Keefe had kicked her and spat on her neighbor.


O’Keefe returned later to the apartment, but Ms Taylor took him out of the complex and made sure that he had someone to call and somewhere to go.

The court heard him say, “What do you think?” when she asked him if he was okay.

Ms Taylor said that he was becoming more agitated and turned her back on the court.

She told the court that he was upset and angry. His hand gestures, and body language (showed his anger), she said.

“It was someone unhappy about a situation.”


Ms Taylor was interrogated by Richard Pontello SC (O’Keefe’s defense lawyer), and was asked about her memory.

She replied, “Pretty good when I walk in the door to see a woman covered in scratches.”

O’Keefe had a wardrobe accident earlier in the day while he was walking through a media scrum near the court.

The former TV presenter looked polished in a brightly striped tie and a suit made of stone linen.

O’Keefe was wearing a linen suit and a green and blue stripped tie. | Newslangmedia

The second day of the hearing began on Tuesday morning. However, the court was closed for the complainant’s evidence.


O’Keefe said Monday afternoon that he was relieved after a series of charges against him were dropped in relation to another complainant.

He said that he was not surprised by the dismissal of the charges and threw up a “peace symbol” in front of the cameras, otherwise known as the “v for Victory” symbol.

On Monday, Michael Cleaver, a police prosecutor, drew six charges related to the incident. These included two counts of intentionally choke a person without consent and three counts each of common assault as well as one count of assault occasioning bodily harm.

O’Keefe has pleaded guilty for one count of violating an apprehended Violence Order.

After being charged with the offenses, he spent nearly five months in custody.


In May 2022, the NSW Supreme Court granted him strict bail to allow him to live in Port Stephens in a long-term rehabilitation facility.

After a long career at Channel 7, the former TV star is now in a different spotlight.

O’Keefe was the face of many broadcaster programs, including Weekend Sunrise and Deal or No Deal.

He was a member of the National Council for the Prevention of Violence Against Women, and he chaired the National Leadership Group of the well known White Ribbon Australia organisation that is dedicated to the cause.

Since White Ribbon Australia was purchased from liquidation in 2020, he has not been involved in any way.


He was made a Member of Australia in 2017 for his charitable work and achievements in television.