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Amina Muaddi: Networth, Bio & Relationship



Amina Muaddi Networth

Amina Muaddi Networth: Amina Muaddi is a fashion designer, manufacturer of shoes, and composer with a $10 million net worth. Amina Muaddi is a well-known and influential person of Jordanian and Romanian descent. She wears stylish clothing and accessories. She’s famous for her shoes. Read to know more about Amina’s net worth.

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Amina Muaddi Networth

Amina Muaddi Networth

Amina Muaddi had a strong affinity for fashion design when she was nine years old. She made the difficult decision to pursue her dream of becoming a fashion designer in Europe.

Amina studied fashion design in Milan and then worked as an assistant stylist for publications such as Vogue Italy and GQ Magazine. Celebrities including Rihanna, Bela Hadid, Gigi Hadid, and others wore Amina Muaddi’s created accessories in 2017.

Amina has achieved great achievement in life. Although she was born in Romania, she also has a parent with Jordan. In order to pursue a profession in fashion design, she relocated to Italy. Muaddi quickly rose to prominence as a fashion designer and served as an assistant stylist for several well-known publications and businesses. She also became well-known for making shoes.


She gained experience working for a number of renowned Italian shoemakers and learnt the craft’s rich history. Some of the top people praised her work and gave it high praise. Additionally, Muaddi has amassed a respectable income from her work, which is presently $10 million.

Bio of Amina Muaddi

Romania is where Amina Muaddi was born and raised, together with her parents. Jordan and Romania were two nations that Muaddi was often linked to. Her Romanian mother and Jordanian father are both her parents.

When Muaddi was a little child, her family relocated to Amman. Up to the age of six, she resided there. But subsequently, her parents split up and divorced. She returned to Romania with her and lived there for the most of her formative years.

She was motivated to become a fashion designer by watching movies and fashion displays. At age nine, Muaddi had a fascination for fashion designing. She graduated from Milan’s fashion design program and immediately began working.

Amina’s Relationship

According to tweets on the internet, Amina Muaddi has a partner; she apparently carried her collection to Paris Fashion Week with this boyfriend. Their current relationship isn’t well-known.


Amina Muaddi was born and raised in Romania with her parents. According to the internet, her father’s name is not revealed on any social sites or social media, and her mother’s name is Mrs. Felicia Cara Burcea.

FAQs Regarding Amina Muaddi

Q. Who is Amina Muaddi?
A. As a businesswoman, fashion designer, shoemaker, model, social media influencer, creative director, and entrepreneur, Amina Muaddi is well-known.

Q. How old is Amina Muaddi?
A. Amina Muaddi has turned 34 in April 2022.

Q. What is Amina Muaddi’s estimated net worth?
A. Amina Muaddi’s worth is $10 million.

Q. What city was Amina Muaddi born in?
A. Amina was raised by her parents and was born and raised in Romania.