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Ali Spice [Alin Dulin] TikTok Star Died In Car Accident



ali spice dead

We are very  sad to share about a beautiful social media influncer at the very young age she was look like a angel but recent death  “Ali Spice”. In a tragic car accident in the United States’ Florida, TikTok star Alin Dulin died on 11/12  at the age of 21. this informatin shared by her relatives  on social media, her accident reportedly took place on December 12.

As per the exclusive reports or sources, the unfortunate news of Ali Spice’s death is confirmed by her close friend through social media on the 11th of December 2022. Her friend posted an emotional quote along with her photo on Instagram while praying for her soul. She wrote it’s hard to accept the fact that her close friend cum family member is no longer among them. Ever since she made a post uncounted started reacting while praying for her soul and her family so that, their strength could remain ahead to bear the pain of losing her as an integral part of their family.

Who Was Ali Spice?

Ali Dulin was born in the European country Georgia. A 21-year-old, Ali Spice was a popular TikToker and social media influencer also known as @alidspicexo on Instagram ,@alidxo on Tik Tok, was followrs nearly 2,00,000 people on the short video content platform recent time.whose fan following was extremely high, as she usually posts her content-rich videos and photos on social media. As she was associated with a few quite significant platforms, thus, she was not only popular on TikTok even she was holding a great fan following on Instagram as well.

Her videos were often filmed in a restaurant. She posed in a black net top and fluffy ear muffs. She had a lot of dance skills. She often had colleagues as her co-stars. She was a talented TikToker. She had over nine hundred thousand followers. and also had a steady following on Twitch. At just a very young age she earned fame which was quite incredible and unluckily she is no longer now.

During her short lifetime, Ali Spice was a very talented young girl. She gained a large following on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitch. The tragic news of her death shocked her fans. The news was announced by her best friend, Ariane Avandi. Ali  face many challenges in her life.


She was born in Georgia. She was 21 years old when she died. The cause of her death is not yet known. She worked at Hooters, which gave her an opportunity to post videos online. Her TikTok account had over 200,000 followers.  Her video posts generally included dance routines. She also wore fluffy ear muffs and posed in tiny red shorts.

Till now, there is no update came out regarding her funeral as her family is currently going through the great shock of losing a piece of their heart, and thus, they are not in a condition to reply to anyone for anything.

But besides all these, a wave of immense reactions flood took place where almost everyone is paying tribute to her while expressing their deep grief, at the time of sending deep solace to the family so that, they can get the power to bear the pain of huge lose. Several reports say that she died in a car accident. However, no information has been released by police.

3. Who Was Ali Spice?

Ali was a Hooters employee and a social media influencer. her  TikTok site over 200k followers.

2. What Happened To Ali Spice?   

Ali Dulin, also known as Ali Spice, @alidxo on TikTok, and @alidspicexo on Instagram, was reportedly involved in a car accident involving a drunk driver in Tampa, Florida on Monday, December 12, 2022, according to sources.

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