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Al Qazm Aka Aziz Al-Ahmad Death: Saudi YouTuber ‘Dwarf’ Star Die At 27



Al Qazm Aka Aziz Al-Ahmad Death

Al Qazm Aka Aziz Al-Ahmad Death: We are going to share a shocking news from Saudi a veritably notorious YouTuber Aziz Al- Ahmad has passed away.  Aziz Al-Ahmad, a Saudi YouTuber and Instagramer  known as Al Qazm and hashtag Aziz, died on January 19 at only age of 27.

Let’s see, how did Aziz Al-Ahmed die and his cause of death in detail. He was a Saudi YouTuber and was better known as Aziz Al- Asmar. He’s no longer among his close bones and he took his last on Thursday. lately the news has come on the internet and this news went viral on the internet. 

Al Qazm aka Aziz Al- Ahmad Death

a Saudi YouTuber known as Aziz Al- Asmar passed down lately at the age of 27. He took his last breath on 19 January 2023, Wednesday. Since his passing news went out on social media platforms.

Al Qazm Aka Aziz Al-Ahmad Death

Aziz Al- Ahmad was a veritably notorious YouTuber who was also known as “ al- Qazm, ” Arabic for a dwarf. He made ridiculous vids and posts on YouTube. He makes beautiful ridiculous characters and makes individualities laugh and smile.

His vids are considered by his followers on different platforms. He also suffered from a inheritable complaint and a hormonal complaint, and his family tried to treat him but to no mileage. He suffered from height and physical condition with grueling health issues and sickness.


He was veritably notorious and he earned huge respect due to his stylish work. Scroll down the runner for further information about the news, so please read the complete composition.

Who Was Aziz Al- Ahmad?

Aziz Al- Ahmad was born in 1995 in Riyadh. He was a wedded joe with a month child. He lived in Saudi Arabia and traveled throughout the Arab world, participating humorous vids with colorful artists and publishing them on social media platforms.

Al Qazm aka Aziz Al- Ahmad has sorely passed away at the ripe old age of 27. The fine potterer was known for his viral YouTube vids pressing his exploits in the Saudi Arabian royal court.

While a gadarene hunt on his Facebook and Twitter runners will reveal a fairly barebones profile, there’s no mistrustfulness that he was a good man. As similar, his death isn’t a surprise. He’s survived by his woman and one month old baby, albeit a slightly lower than perfect union.

Of course, Aziz had no deficit of suckers, as the YouTuber had hundreds of thousands of subscribers. He was a regular on the Saudi Twitter feed, where his tweets regularly get retweeted by the likes of the Napoleon of the area.


Indeed, he indeed had a hand in naming the likes of the queen of the night herself, Princess Kate. This wasn’t to mention his numerous Instagram musketeers, where the ladies of the ball frequently resorted to posting their own selfies to keep the shooters at bay.

Several tweets, and numerous a sincere condolence from those who knew him, suggest that the stylish times of his life were spent in the UAE and Dubai. In the UAE, Aziz made his home in Abu Dhabi where he was a regular in the media circuit.

Aziz Al- Ahmad cause of death 

Aziz Al- Ahmad had birth blights from his birth. He’d inheritable complaint and hormonal complaint. He was unfit to find remedy for his condition, and his situation had lately gotten worse and eventually passed away on January 19.

He came veritably popular due to his peculiar shape, and he used to post a lot of uproarious vids on Snapchat as well as other social networking spots. He has hundreds of thousands of suckers, and the uproarious vids he posts are seen by millions of people.

Aziz Al- Saudi is a wedded man with a one- month-old child. Aziz Al- Ahmad lived in Saudi Arabia and traveled throughout the Arab world, participating humorous vids with different artists and publishing them on social media spots.


Al- Ahmad could be seen in sanitarium bed footage that was considerably circulated in social media scarcely moving when a woman requested him to deliver a communication to his followers.

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