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Adin Ross Sister [Naomi Ross]



Adin Ross Sister

Adin Ross Sister: NBA 2K gamers may know Adin Ross from Twitch. His 2K ads and social media disputes are famous. Fans may not know the gamer’s sister streams. NBA 2K made them famous. Naomi is gaining popularity after Adin’s Twitch success. Read to know more about aden ross sister.

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Who Is Adin Ross’s Sister?

Adin Ross Sister

While her brother has a larger following, Naomi is far from unknown. She’s been streaming with Adin from the beginning, and she’s still going strong. Continue reading about adin roses sister.

Streaming is in the blood.

Naomi and Adin got their start on Twitch while growing up in Florida, broadcasting their family’s NBA 2K games.

While Adin’s career took off, Naomi discreetly built her own following on Twitch and Instagram. Her Instagram account, @naomzies, has over 100,000 followers and is rapidly approaching her brother’s 3.5 million followers.


Naomi has starred in several of Adin’s prank movies on YouTube and has produced response vlogs with Adin on her own YouTube channel over the previous few years.

Although Naomi’s age has not been proven, Adin refers to her as his elder sister. (The well-known streamer was born in the year 2000.)

Naomi has added an OnlyFans account to her Instagram, Twitch, TikTok, and YouTube accounts. Her OnlyFans articles are only available to individuals willing to pay $15,000 each month, although teasers imply they’re for adults.

Adin released a YouTube video on Naomi joining OnlyFans. In the video, Adin says he’s not interested in what she publishes and doesn’t want his followers discussing it on his broadcasts.

Naomi Ross

Adin has been involved in gaming squabbles, but his sister has remained out of the limelight until recently.


Adin moved into the Wizza House in 2021 alongside FaZe Banks, Mike Majlak, Sommer Ray, and RiceGum. The home was meant to be a haven for streamers to generate content, but gambling and cryptocurrency caused controversy. Naomi dropped into Adin’s place and reportedly got intimate with Zias.

Adin claims he witnessed Naomi and Zias sharing a private moment on Instagram Live. He told the couple to stop flirting so much.

As it turned out, he was enraged about a completely fictional event. Later that night, Naomi and Zias revealed that their intimate meeting was a prank on Adin.Consider the mission complete.

Was Naomi really flirting with Zias, or was it all a ruse? The evidence suggests the latter. Naomi may be hesitant to trick her brother again after seeing Adin’s response.