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Adam Bradshaw Death Cause | The Director of News KFDX Died



Adam Bradshaw Death Cause

Adam Bradshaw Death Cause: Here we are sharing a piece of  shocking news with you Adam Bradshaw has passed away at the age of 62.  He was the news director of KFDX/KJTL

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Adam Bradshaw, KFDX/KJTL’s news director. He was 62 years old.  Social media is abuzz with his passing news, where many mourn his loss.

His death was deeply felt by the entire KFDX family. Many people also contributed to his cause. He was a valued member of the team. Masny of collegues and relatives to scattered condolence on social media.

Adam Bradshaw Death Cause

According to this report, Adam Bradshaw, KFDX/KJTL’s news director, died at 62 years. His death date is not yet known. Many people want to know the cause of his death.

Adam Bradshaw Death Cause

Because it was not revealed by his family or friends, there is no information on his cause of death. This is a very sad and shocking announcement for his family.


 KFDX has confirmed his passing. KFDX has confirmed his passing news.  Adam Bradshaw, the Director of News at KFDX died in his 62nd year. He was a station employee since 1997. 

Many of those who knew him were shocked to hear about his death. He is remembered for his contributions to the station’s news broadcasts.

Who Was Adam Bradshaw? 

Adam Bradshaw, Texas-based news director was previously the News director for FOX 5 Vegas at Meredith Corporation and Hubbard Broadcasting.

He also worked as Chris-Craft/United Television. He was also the former Director of News Operations for Chris Craft Television, and an ex-executive producer at KVBC.

Adam Bradshaw is the News Director at the station. According to exclusive information and reports, the date and time of his death are not confirmed.


In April 2018, he joined KFDX’s news department and Texoma Fox as the News Director. He was also one of the first to be hired by him. I ran for the honor if I wasn’t selected as the first.

He was a person of good nature and never lost his desire to be kind. He was a great friend and trusted his family members with their success. He understands the impact of helping others to start new jobs and enjoy the success that comes with it.

He spoke out about his desire to find new jobs, how to help others and enjoy success in his career. Many people are grieving his passing and have shared many tributes on social media. People share many comforting thoughts on social media pages in support of his family.

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His family, friends, colleagues, and coworkers will always remember him as a person of kindness and generosity. Keep following for more information on other news topics, and the most recent news from the world.

Bradshaw was instrumental to bringing on the air the most recent news and information that affected the lives of Omahans. He was regarded as a pioneer in his field, so it is not surprising that he was.

He covered many stories while at KFDX that covered the whole spectrum of national news. These included Senator Ted Kennedy’s death, President Nixon’s arrest and the bombing at the World Trade Center.

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