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Aaron Shadow Mbonani Dead Former Ikwekwezi FM Sportscaster Died



Aaron Shadow Mbonani Dead

Aaron Shadow Mbonani Dead: Aaron Shadow Mbonani, an FM sportscaster from South Africa, He was also known by the name Ganadlha. He was a legend sportscaster at Ikwekwezi FM. He died at Philadelphia Hospital on January 2, 2023.

It is not known how he died. According to reports, he died from a long-term illness. Aaron’s close friends will be visiting him at his residence to attend his funeral. He was well-known in South Africa, and had many admirers. Everyone began posting pictures of him and writing obituaries about his death after the news broke. We’re going give you all the information we have about Aaron Shadow Mbonani, including how he died.

How did Aaron Shadow Mbonani dead?

Aaron, a well-known South African celebrity who was also known by the name Ganadlha. He was a radio personality who worked at an FM station, SABC Ikwekwezi FM. He worked as a sportscaster for Ikwekwezi FM from 1986 to 2021. According to reports, He died  on January 2, 2023 after being admitted to hospital with a serious illness.

Aaron Shadow Mbonani Dead

Aaron was one of the original presenters for the Ikwekwezi FM, formerly Ndebele at the time it was launched. It was launched in 1983, and Mbonani retired from the station in March 2021. His death was announced via his Facebook page, “Mbonani News Hub”. He has 3.2k fans and 4.3k followers. His family is sad and unable to communicate with media. Twitter users are sharing their love by using hashtags to share their photos and write obituaries. There are many tributes posted on social media.

Who Was Aaron Shadow Mbonani?

Aaron was born in 1960. An ex-sportscaster from the Ikwekwezi FM is dead. Many mourn his passing. Aaron Ndebele was a 25-year veteran of the SABC Ikwekwezi FM. He was unique and very different from other spot broadcasters. He was admitted to hospital for a long-term condition. His friends have made arrangements to go to his funeral, even though the cause of his death is still unknown. They also posted tributes to his memory on social media platforms.


Aaron Mbonani, a radio DJ, retired in March 2021. The official Facebook page of the station announced his death. His family won’t allow the media to interview them. Many of his closest friends are not comfortable speaking to the media. Many people have posted tributes to a South African icon on social media after the death of this great persona. There have been a lot of messages of love flooding Twitter hashtags. People are reminiscing about his show and his past.

Aaron Dawson was born 2 January 1960. In 1986, he began working at the SABC Ikwekwezi. He was very popular among teens. He was a well-known singer throughout his career. Many of his songs were hits. He died from a long-term disease. Aaron Mbonani’s funeral will be held on the 14th March. These are facts about Mbonani, a former sportscaster for the Ikwekwezi Radio.

We all send condolences and support to his loved ones. After hearing the tragic news about his death, the 63-year old commentator was a respected FM sports presenter. Many sports fans who used to listen were saddened and grieving right now. After retiring from his job, he was happy to live a normal life and spend time with his family. But yesterday, he died. 

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