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Aaron Rodger’s Girlfriend Blu Of Earth Reacts On Danica Patrick



Aaron Rodger

Aaron Rodger Girlfriend Blu of Earth reacts on his discussion of Danica Patrick. Aaron Rodgers previously dated Danica Patrick. Although they broke up in 2020, the NFL quarterback told a story about something Aaron and Danica did together on a Peruvian beach more than two years later.

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Aaron Rodgers’ Discussion

Aaron Rodger

Rodgers explains how he felt “absolute love” with Patrick. In an episode of the podcast hosted by Aubrey Marcus, in August, Rodgers discussed the “greatest day of his life.” After hiking Mount Machu Picchu and attending “an ayahuasca ceremony” with Patrick, the signal caller claimed the beginning of his ayahuasca trip was in South America.

Rodgers said, “At the time, I was dating Danica, and that relationship was excellent for me because she’s on her own journey and spirituality is important to her. We were both figuring things out, learning new things, and developing our meditation skills. Danica and I decided to go do it, so we organised a trip to Peru with some pals.”

“The first night I went in, my goal was to experience the purest kind of love. My objective was to do it, and I did. I truly did,” Rodgers said, adding, “I had a magnificent experience with the feeling of 100 distinct hands on my body bestowing a blessing of love and forgiveness for myself and thanks for this life from what seemed to be my ancestors. I returned just as the pandemic started.


Aaron Rodger Girlfriend Blu Of Earth on his Ex-Girlfriend

Aaron Rodger Girlfriend Blu offered her support after hearing what the athlete said. In fact, she referred to Rodgers’ remarks as “famous” in her Instagram reply in response to a clip Marcus had shared from the show.

“One courageous truth at a time, we are changing the trajectory of history and determining what the future will look like. Unbelievable footwork, “Blu wrote.

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