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Aaron Laigaie Died: MT Baker Proud Boys Co-Founder Dies



Aaron Laigaie Died

Aaron Laigaie Died: We are sad to share the shocking news about Aaron Laigaie died before the sun set on January 13, 2022 at the age of 38 a yuong age. He was co-founder of MT Baker Proud Boys.

Aaron Laigaie Death

The news of his death went viral online and shocked many people. Many people are curious about Aaron Laigaie’s death and the cause. Aaron Laigaie, a prominent figure in the far right wing American politics and a vocal Trump supporter, was an iconic figure. Many of people scattered respected condolence on social media.

How Did Aaron Laigaie Died?

The report states that Aaron Laigaie, 38, died recently. His last breath was on Friday, January 13, 2023. Aaron Laigaie’s death from the most remarkable thing was not the only one. Or at least, it wasn’t the only one.

Like most things, there were a few people who disagreed with him, some of them right in his backyard. These included his family, friends, and former employees. Laigaie, in addition to the naysayers, was also a member the MT Baker Proud Boys.

This street gang, which is all male, is known for its violence. He was also a strong supporter of President Donald Trump. It was only natural that he would be in the news whenever a newbie or two hit the streets.


Laigaie wasn’t exactly a health buff. Although he had his fair share of colds and nagging coughs, he never got vaccinated. He finally gave up on both the best and worst. He was not only incompetent about his own mental health, but also about the best treatment for the above ailments.

Laigaie died before the sun set on January 13, 2022, although he didn’t live to see it. Although his family remains in denial, we can expect to hear soon about the funeral arrangements. Given that his MT Baker Proud Boys days are anything but fairytale, this must be the most tragic of circumstances.

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