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A Queer High School Valedictorian Speech



queer high school valedictorian speech

One student from a Texas highschool was kicked off the podium during his valedictorian speech for being gay. He is being praised by his father for having regained his composure. Zander Moricz was accused of using a metaphor for hair to critique the state’s Parental Rights in Education laws.

Zander Moricz makes use of a hair metaphor in order to critique state’s Parental Rights in Education

Zander Moricz is a high school senior in Florida who has been a public figure in the LGBTQ community for years. He is a student at Pine View School, Osprey and has organized walkouts against the “Don’t Say Gay” law. Now, he’s taking his advocacy to the next level with a lawsuit.

Florida lawmakers passed “Don’t Say Gay”, a bill that bans school teachers discussing sexual orientation from grades K-3. Although many opposed it, Governor Ron DeSantis signed the Florida Senate into law. There has been much debate about the Sunshine State law, with many people pointing out how it was written.

The law is still being implemented but it already has a significant impact on the LGBTQ community. Moricz had organized a number of school walksouts and rallies earlier in the year to protest “Don’t Say Gay”, a law that was being implemented in downtown Sarasota. This rally was attended by more than 600 students.

Dershem’s father praises his son for regaining his composure

A small New Jersey school’s valedictorian made waves with his speech about the “biggest ideas”. It was about many things, including disordered eating and the Coronavirus pandemic. His most notable accomplishment was his decision to come out as gay. His tale is both heartwarming, and also heartbreaking.


Dershem claims that he was suffering from depression and anorexia since his first year. He was also diagnosed in middle school with bipolar disorder. After consulting with many doctors, Dershem received therapy and finally came out. But he felt isolated and had to face his anxiety and fears.

Dershem is from Philadelphia and moved with his family to Voorhees. He was a college football player who aspires for a career as a surgeon. He will continue on to Tufts University in the fall and hopes to make a difference in the world by practicing medicine, pursuing a career in psychology, and fighting for the rights of LGBTQ people.

Dershem says mic was turned off during speech

Bryce Dershem (a former high school valedictorian) claims that his microphone was disconnected during his speech. He stated that he intended to tell the story of his coming out as a gay teenager. At the same time, he wanted to speak about his struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts.

It went viral. Dershem’s father posted it online. He was encouraged to post it on YouTube by many people who commented. He was also able to communicate his message with a wide audience. Some classmates even expressed gratitude for his sharing their stories.

But the incident did not end there. A few days later, Dershem invited a father who had lost a child to the pandemic to attend his graduation. Ravel asked his class to sing “Let him talk!” Every time a school official tried censoring him.


Dershem said he was asked by the school to remove references to being gay, anorexia and mental health. He was then told by his teacher to take the speech that he wrote and read another.

Osipow wants an apology for being gay in school

If you’re a gay or lesbian youth, you’re already at greater risk for suicide. This doesn’t mean you should ignore bullying. No matter what your age or background, you’re vulnerable to harassment from classmates. No matter whether you’re in junior high or you’re on your way to college as a teenager, harassment can occur from classmates. However, it is possible to have the problem addressed by a responsible adult.

River Valley High School’s recent River Valley High School graduate from Ohio took matters into his hands. The student posted a Facebook video calling on school officials to make an apology for an unfortunate incident. A video of an 18 year old student using pronouns “they” and “she” to describe his self is shown. The student claims that this happened during graduation ceremonies. The student wasn’t present at the entire speech, so it was unclear.

The video, which was released online by the River Valley Local Schools, was later made private. However, outrage has erupted in the community. The Facebook post states that others in the community will attend a meeting of the board on Monday.