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10 years old boy Jack Johnson Trying To save Children Frozen Lake In UK



who is jack Johnson

Here I will sharing a bravery news about a 10 years old boy Jack Johnson  from SOLIHULL UNITED KINGDOM  has been hailed as a hero because he jumped into a lake quickly to save three boys he didn’t know at Solihull. After the tragic incident that occurred on Sunday, December 11, the brave boy lost his life.

The boy’s family and friends paid their respects and said they were “devastated” by the incident that occurred on Sunday, December 11. This news scatterd very rappidly on social media. every one given the respected and proudly condolence.

Jack Johnson’s aunt Charlotte McIlmurray said that Johnson had “ran and tried to rescue” the drowning children. The drowning boys are believed to be from the same family. Two boys aged 11 and eight, and one boy aged 6 have both died. He remains critical in hospital. A distraught relative said Monday that a ten-year old boy died trying to save three other children who fell through ice into a lake.

Jack Johnson was from Birmingham, England. He “ran and tried” to save the other children. His aunt Charlotte McIlmurray posted on Facebook that Jack Johnson did not know them and they are all believed to have come from one family.

Dale Hewitt, a family friend, said that he heard the grandfather of the boy run from his home and jump into the lake to save them. However, the tragedy ended when Jack and two other boys aged 8 and 11 were pulled from the lake on Sunday. On Monday night, a fourth child, aged six years, was fighting for his survival in hospital.


“It’s heartbreaking for the family, and will have an enormous impact on the entire community,” Mr Hewitt stated. “What has happened is so tragic. It has really affected me as a mother of two children, aged six and eleven months.

“I saw a video from one of the tower blocks, where you can hear the screams “Help” coming out of the lake. It was almost unbearable. Ms McIlmurray stated that her family was thinking of the “other family”.

She said, “We are broken and to discover he died trying rescue three lads he hadn’t even known that just sums it all. He was amazing.” When it gave way, the children were playing on the ice at Babbs mill Lake in Solihull (West Midlands).

Tommy Barnet, 10, said to Sky News that one of his friends got his legs stuck in the ice. Then…his friends tried to save him but all fell in.

After members of the general public rushed to assist, firefighters were able to rescue all four boys who were in cardiac arrest. The four boys were all treated on the spot and taken to the hospital.


Initial reports indicated that six children might have fallen in. However, police confirmed that no other children were in the lake and they believe no other children are missing.

Richard Harris, West Midlands Police Superintendent, said that the families of both boys were devastated. He seemed emotional as he recounted how the first officer on the scene tried desperately to break through the ice to save his fellow officers.

Dan Hall, 38, witnessed the tragedy unfold from his apartment, which is located next to the nature reserve. He heard sirens at 2.30pm local.

“I started dow “I saw a policeman come from the lake, drenched. There were many hysterical people there.

One man, possibly the father of one the children, was being consoled and supported by a police officer. He was in a horrible state. “I watched them take the first two children out of the lake, and then I ran back home to my flat to grab towels and coats.”


He stated that the children had been in the water for between 10 and 15 minutes. It was about 1C at the time, but it had dropped to minus 3C over the night.

Katie O’Driscoll, mother of four, laid flowers at the scene yesterday along with her five year-old daughter. She said she knew one family involved. She said, “He was 11 years old and the first to be pulled out of the lake. But he has died.”

“I heard that others came in to rescue him. “It’s hard to imagine the pain of those parents. It is especially sad just before Christmas. “A dog walker came in to help. I would expect nothing less of the people here. It’s a tight-knit community.

She stated that the lake was only 5ft deep and suggested that railings be installed all around it. Railings are available in a small area. One victim received a tribute at the scene that read “To Thomas. Thank you for being there when I was down. Thank you for lending me your jacket, when I was freezing. To me, you were like a brother. I miss you so much.”

who is jack Johnson

Around 250 people attended a candlelit Vigil on Monday night. As they arrived on the scene to place flowers, eight West Midlands Police officers were applauded. As they left, one officer was visibly distraught and was supported by her colleagues.

Ms McIlmurray, who thanked the community for organizing the event on Facebook, said that the incident was a “nightmare from which two families cannot wake up.” It is unbearable.


Official spokesman for Rishi Sunak, British Prime Minister, stated that it was devastating news to the loved ones of those who have lost their loved ones.

“The Prime Minister’s thoughts and prayers are with them, and he sends his gratitude to the emergency services for their continued support and work.”

Richard Stanton, West Midlands Fire Service Area Commander, said that the tragedy was a stark reminder that frozen lakes can “look beautiful but can be deadly.”

York police warned teens about playing on ice at the weekend. Two boys in Cumbria had a fortunate escape after they fell through ice. Two girls were seen playing yesterday morning on the frozen pond at Wimbledon Common.


Respected Condolence For 8-10 years old child as well as  bravery condelence for Jack Johnson a 10 years old boy that who try to save among three boys, salute and salute


Flowers are left at the scene as emergency workers continue the search for further victims after a number of children fell through ice on a lake, on December 12, 2022 at Babbs Mill Park in Solihull, England. Three boys aged eight, 10 and 11 have died after falling through an icy lake last night. The search continued for more potential victims, following reports more children were present on the ice at the time of the incident.

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